Monday, 25 August 2008

25 large blue

july 2008

135mm x 180mm
8 pages
printed wrappers
edition of 24

The writing in Large Blue is based on the life-cycle of the butterfly of that name. It is an astounding natural history that reads like an otherwise unrecorded myth, and I was interested to see how its themes might transpose to human terms and society. The final short pieces record various appearances, appropriately fleeting, drawn from the larger narrative. As is evident from the cover, the book aspires to the condition of total immersion into an environment, even to the state of invisibility. The book's wrapper is made from JMW Turner's Blue, a cotton, linen and hemp paper from Ruscombe Paper Mill, manufactured to replicate a paper that the painter used in the 1820s for his watercolours. It is the perfect paper to represent the sky which is such an important element in the writing. The first section of Large Blue appears in issue one of Artesian magazine, alongside writing by John Berger, Jan Svankmajer and Anne  Michaels.

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