Tuesday, 31 March 2015

42 three stories from the journals of Stanton Hamer

February 2015
sewn booklet with wrappers
148mm x 210mm
28 pages

A collection of three stories transposed from the travel journals of one Stanton Hamer, unearthed from a box of unsorted papers won at auction. The tales untitled in the original but which I have named …and They Danced, Sleep and Ribbon Bows are set in 1950s France, where Hamer evidently travelled independently for some years.

(The stories are in fact fictional, as are the journals, as, for that matter, is Stanton Hamer, but the images which inspired the book in the first place are real, albeit scanned at a very high resolution from the 14mm x 12mm original transparencies found on a collection of French sterescope cards.)

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