Wednesday, 19 March 2008

11 cricket

may 2003

218mm x 154mm
15 pages, hand-stitched, hardcover
12 copies

A conjunction of pictures, courtesy of the remnants of a photographic manual c.1906, of cricketers demonstrating the techniques for playing various strokes, allied with words from publications such as The Story of the World in Pictures (1934), The Books of Knowledge and Savage Habits and Customs, and descriptions found on the backs of the cigarette card series, Anstie's People of Africa and People of Asia (both 1926) and Player's British Empire Series (1904). The persistence of casual, insidious racist stereotyping in these sources, and the certainty with which the bigotry and prejudices of colonialism are stated, find an appropriate counterpoint in the strokes of cricketers pummelling balls to the boundary.

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