Friday, 21 March 2008

18 the concert

july 2005
148mm x 210mm
8 pages
4 copies

Contains The Concert, The Cove, The Lighted Path and The Cabaret/The Violinist. The first piece is a factual report of a concert given by a neighbour, a young violinist, one evening at a nearby 14th century church. The other pieces in the collection are based upon this initial piece of reportage. All take its themes and objects and present them in new ways, so for example, a bat that flew over the heads of the waiting audience becomes, in The Lighted Path, a  tune on a piccolo before the main piece of music. Likewise, the violinist drying her hand on her black taffeta dress becomes, in The Cove, a woman drying herself with a towel on the beach.

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