Friday, 21 March 2008

21 kolofana poems (for jehane)

june 2006
124mm x 186mm
8 pages, printed clear film wrap, slipcased
12 copies

Six poems written while staying at Jehane's house in Kolofana, Amorgos, in July and August 2004. The photograph on the slipcase was taken from the inside of a hermit's cell, built in rocks overlooking the sea on the north side of the island. I had remembered it from a visit years before, with its channelling of water into a small rock sink in the corner and the gathering of thorny brush that served as a mattress on the rock shelf bed. More than anything though, I remembered looking through the window and seeing nothing but two types of blue - of the sky and the sea. It was a vision of perfection that I held in my mind for years, and always determined to one day return to it. When I did so, I was amazed to see the outline of an island on the horizon. Someone must have out it there in the meantime.

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